Science has been promising us a magic pill potent enough that it could replace our workouts and healthy eating regimes for a while now, and Australian scientists have finally done it.

From miracle protein sestrin, to switching on our brown fat cells, there have been a multitude of studies into ways and means of tricking our bodies into thinking we’ve been eating clean and indulging in some serious sweat sessions without us having to actually do anything.

And now, just as we were beginning to fear we’d emerge from lockdown looking like the people from Wall-E, Australian company Biogency are claiming to have cracked it with “a world first breakthrough wonder drug called Synext”.

The founders of Biogency are PhD graduates from the University of Sydney Faculty of Pharmacy and claim the efficacy of the drug centres on its ability to activate a signalling pathway called “AMP-activated protein kinase” (AMPK).

“The activation of AMPK pathway triggers a series of beneficial cellular activities including increasing insulin sensitivity, NAD+ levels, DNA repair, immunity, stem cell functions and autophagy, as well as reducing inflammation and so on,” explains Australian scientist and Biogency founder Guanchen Sun.

“These activities will ultimately improve general health and longevity. Synext’s active ingredients are able to activate AMPK mimicking exercise, fasting or reducing calorie intake.”

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They also claim it doesn’t take long for the drug to kick in says Sun, “after taking Synext for a week one tablet may give you the same benefits of up to an hour intensive exercise.”

And if you do commit to taking it over the longer haul, it’s not just weight loss that manufacturers of the pill are saying it can provide. When taken daily, they claim it can deliver the same results in one month as you would if you meditated daily for more than a year.

Sounds incredible, right? But what does science say?

The good news is, researchers at The Salk Institute described the metabolic protein AMPK as a “kind of magic bullet for health.”

Their studies, which centred on mice, found that compounds that activated the protein have health-promoting effects that can reverse diabetes, improve cardiovascular health, treat mitochondrial disease and even extend life span

The study states that “levels of fats in the liver dropped when AMPK was activated – new fat production was slowed and existing fats were metabolised. Moreover, when AMPK was activated in mice that were fed a high-fat diet, the mice were protected against weight gain and obesity and had fewer signs of liver inflammation.”

It’s also perfectly safe to take (all Biogency products are approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration).

Sounds perfect, right? But also, as usual with these things, it’s also potentially too good to be true. Although AMPK may have been proven to work on mice, conclusive evidence on its efficacy in humans is still TBC with further research is ongoing with University of Sydney.

It’s also good to remember that the claims surrounding this pill centre on its ability to substitute the fat-burning elements of a workout, there’s no evidence to suggest it will have the same positive effect on your mental health that a good old fashioned movement session would.

Soz to rain on that parade for you there. Enjoy re-watching Wall-E!